Eric Cooks Success stories are sometimes created by a bit of luck and ambition. However, Eric Cook’s success story was ignited by opportunity and persistence. The opportunity to attend Florida A&M University’s Black Male College Explorers Programs afforded Cooks, as a young Black male, to sharpen his academic skills and develop personally. Raised by a loving and devoted aunt, he found strength through encouragement to continue to follow his dreams after the loss of his mother. The program designed to assist “at-risk” Black males in navigating decisions about life, ignited a pharmacy career path for Cooks, who is from Apopka, Fla. The BMCEP helped to mold him into a leader and mentor...Read more

Warren Anderson is asked about his years as a participant in the Black Male College Explorers Program (BMCEP) at Florida A&M University, he is quick to explain how the program helped to guide him as a young black male while in high school. It is this memory that continues to drive his actions and interactions with others now as an adult. He is among a group of other participants from his era in BMCEP who believe that the program turns lives around...Read more

Carlos Blake during the spring of my sophomore year in high school, the guidance counselor at Jefferson High would nominate me for one of two free opportunities to attend a six-week program at Florida A&M University. I agreed to give up my summer vacation and attend the Black Male College Explorers Program (BMCEP). This was my first exposure to a university and showed me a new world. I'd grab hold to the promise made by Thomas Mitchell, "finish high school and FAMU would accept you if you committed to the program." BMCEP quickly became a part of my present and future. It would become a sense of pride and badge of honor during the summer months. I looked forward to BMCEP every year after...Read more

Gregory Barnes benefitted from the Black Male College Explorers Program during the mid to late 1990s. Although now he is a successful business owner as well as a State of Florida contractor, he will never forget how he was recruited to participate in the program as a youth. His connection to BMCEP came shortly after the program’s establishment through Educator Mr. Charles Watson, who Barnes said taught and raised him as well as Dr. Frederick S. Humphries, who was president of Florida A&M University at the time. Both men were from Apalachicola. It was at FAMU that he met then-director Tommy Mitchell Sr. and Adel Manatee, Barnes said who became like family members to him...Read more

Michello Daniel remembers being first introduced to the Black Male College Explorers Program. It was through his mentor and former teacher Charles Watson from his hometown Apalachicola. He unabashedly admits, the introduction to the program in 1995 perhaps changed his entire trajectory about life. “It changed me as a person when I was in high school because I didn’t have a lot of expectations,” Daniel said...Read more

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Attorney Charles Gee explained that his experience with Florida A&M University’s Black Male College Explorer’s Program happened at a pivotal point in his life. “Over the course of a summer in the program, I learned how to appreciate and protect my potential.” Read more

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Andre Harper is synonymous with building confidence through critical thinking, etiquette, and empowerment in young men. Through the Gentlemen & Scholars Program founded by Harper in 2010 to provide mentoring and positive role models for males in grades 9-12, he has touched the lives of many. The catalyst for Harper’s inspiration to create G&S was in part because of early exposure to Florida A&M University’s Black Male College Explorers Program. It is an experience Harper takes pride in sharing with others about a program that helped change the course of his life...Read more

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Solomon J. Lowery, Ed. D.  has been blessed with a beautiful wife (Denita Lowery) and four adorable children (Simone, Sierra, Solomon Jr., and Sakai). He and his wife Denita are strong and supportive parents to their children and those they serve throughout the community. They have a diverse plethora of experiences and currently works within the Pinellas County Schools District...Read more

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Domeco D. Mays a 1997 graduate of Florida A&M University who majored in Education and minored in Psychology. I went on to become a US Air Force veteran, Florida PREP-level, FHSAA-certified sports coach, and a Customer Service/Office Management Professional. I can readily assure you those accomplishments (the first in my family’s known history) would not have been possible without the Black Male College Explorers Program...Read more

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Sgt. Steven Moore is an example of just what it means to be “Army Strong.” He’s smart, courageous, and tenacious. Many of these qualities Sgt. Moore exhibited early while a young man working towards accomplishing a higher calling. As a Florida A&M University Black Male College Explorers alumnus, he now serves his country as an Automated Logistic Specialist in the 3rd Infantry Division in Hinesville, Ga...Read more

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Amarion Payne, a graduate from Tampa Bay Tech High School with a 3.2 GPA, with future plans to become a business owner in the auto-collision field. My post-secondary plans are to attend Hillsborough Community College and enroll in the Automotive Collision program to further my education and hands on skills. I’ve been a part of the Black Males College Explorers Program for about six years...Read more

Tariq D. Qaiyim former Rattler football player and current FAMU football record holder, I can honestly say that one of the most influential and life altering experiences while in college and in life has been my participation in the Black Males Explorer Program. I was made aware of the program by one of my best friends and former teammates. My teammate always spoke of the program with high regard because not only did he work for the program, but he had also been a participant in the program as a high schooler. program, but he had also been a participant in the program as a high schooler. He attributed the program to redirecting his path and his belief of being able to become a college student...Read more

Ronald Rhodes takes pride in knowing that as a Black Male College Explorers Program (BMCEP) alumnus, he is the first BMCEP graduate also to have a child to graduate from Florida A&M University. That is an accomplishment he wants the world to know. Partly, because when he participated in BMCEP as a high school student, he was unsure what he wanted to do with his life...Read more

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Alphonso Smith is thankful for the exposure the program gave him to experience the college environment. Years later, the educational foundation laid by BMCEP helped create a structure to support a career in education...Read more