Recruitment and Retention Plan


The College of Education’s Strategic Recruitment Plan represents a collaborative effort among P-20 education and community-based stakeholders with vested interest in the recruitment and retention of high-quality and diverse Education majors more representative of the student population in our nation’s schools. 


Specifically, the plan emphasizes two (2) strategic and immediate priorities subdivided into six (6) unique areas of focus.  The two immediate priorities are: 


1.  increasing overall enrollments by 10% per year over the next 5 years; and

2. strategically targeting (within that 10%) recruitment of diverse and underrepresented groups in the teacher candidate population (i.e. males, ethnic minorities, diverse cultures, graduates of critical shortage areas and the like). 


The six (6) unique areas of focus include: 


1.  Capacity and Programming;  

2. Three-Year Incoming Class Trajectory;

3.  Ideal Student Profile;

4. Primary Recruitment Strategies;

5.  Primary Recruitment Sources; and

6.  Communication Strategies. 

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