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Direct & Supplemental Instruction

The Black Male College Explorers Program provides academic enrichment that consists of classroom instructions with supplemental instruction and tutoring in the subject areas of mathematics, science and language arts. By concentrating on these subjects, program participants are better prepared to enroll in higher-level subject areas and also take advantage of dual enrollment opportunities.  African-American studies and art curricula provide cultural awareness programming. They promote ethnic pride by increasing knowledge of academic, scientific and other accomplishments achieved by African-Americans known and unknown.



Mentoring is a core program component for the Black Male College Explorers.  Mentoring provides our young men academic and personal development through individual and group mentoring constructs. Per the National Mentoring Summit, “Research confirms that quality mentoring relationships have powerful positive effects on young people in a variety of personal, academic, and professional situations.”  Mentoring empowers our young men to take control of their own personal growth and development with the guidance and assistance of our team.


Academic Planning

Developing a well-informed academic plan for life beyond high school is a requirement of Black Male College Explorers Program participants. As students matriculate from middle school to high school, the Black Male College Explorers Program provides guidance with fulfilling the requirements for successful secondary completion and academic planning for post-secondary success.


Mental Health Group Counseling

Program participants benefit from a group counseling approach through discussion.  The scope of discussions can include but are not limited to: depression, oppositional behavior, antisocial behavior, substance abuse, adjustment to trauma and situational consistency.


Non-Cognitive Skills Development

Program participants learn about building effective habits, setting goals, improving health, and developing academic skills to address academic mindsets and academic behaviors. Participants are provided modules for learning through our AIM Higher platform.